CEDB – New Music video project

April 13, 2021

Motherfucker! This Ben is a real motherfucker! I should have guessed, a guy called Ben and whose band is called CEDB, acronym for “Cet Enfoiré De Ben” (“This motherfucking Ben”), really I should have had a chip in my ear … ? He officiated in another life as bassist for “Two Star Hotel” and in an even more distant life in “Le Prince Harry”, still at the 4 strings. And it is while going to buy a plastic arrow bow that I met him in front of Broze Féronstrée (a toy store). Direct kiss, Covid fuck off! “It’s nice to see the last real artist from Liège who knows how to take care of himself” I said. Indeed, in our years of unemployment, in concerts, the guy had the class to treat himself to big special beers, and in the glass glasses please! … Stunning artist! Then the discussion starts on the project. He tells me about their song “Plan C” that he wants to shoot a music video for. I invite him to learn about my creative universe, and to go see my website. We quit on that. The same evening he contacted me, the project was launched! The first discussion tables and exchanges of ideas have already been made. The project should be shot in the streets of Liège (Be) and would be released at the end of June, beginning of July. It had been like 6 years since I hadn’t seen the guy… and now I’m not going to let him go!