Giov’s chair

April 14, 2021
Giov's chair

When Giov’, one day, finds 4 shopping carts abandoned in the street, the first idea that comes to him is to recover them to make … chairs. But, patient, he lets a day pass before recovering them, telling himself that if they are still there the next day, it is because they are for him. The next day, the shoppings carts found a new home. It was only years later, when Giov’ had learned to handle the grinder, to weld, and bend the metal like no one else, that he offered to one of them, his long awaited second life. Giov’ still has 3 shopping carts that need a second life. Will one of them be for you? If you like this concept, contact Giov’ via and he will make a unique chair in the color of your choice. Price of the natural color chair € 249, price of the painted chair in the color of your choice € 299.